Cacik (jajik) (V) – £3.95
Natural yoghurt combined with cucumber, garlic & mint.

Hummus (V) – £3.95
Chickpeas blended with tahini paste, garlic, olive oil & lemon juice.

Ezme (V) – £3.95
Smokey aubergine puree combined with Turkish yoghurt & garlic.

Vine leaves (V) – £3.95
Vine leaves stuffed with herb-infused rice.

Sak – Suka (V) – £3.95
Fried cubes of aubergine, courgette, pepper & fresh tomatoes sauce.

Add pitta bread to your order only 50p each


Garlic Bread (v) – £2.95 (£1 extra with cheese)

Cheese roll (V) – £4.50
Turkish feta cheese & parsley wrapped in filo pastry

Garlic Mushrooms (v) – £4.50
Mushrooms smothered in a creamy garlic sauce

Halloumi Kebab (V) – £5.50
Cyprus cheese kebab

Sucuk – £4.50
Turkish sausage

Meatballs – £4.50
Beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce

Spicy Chicken wings – £4.50

Fish cake – £5.50

Add pita bread to your order only 50p each.
Why not order a selection of our starters to enjoy as your main meal?


Chicken Shawarma (Doner) – £6.95

Beef Burger & chips 6oz – £6.95 (£1 extra with cheese)

Lamb Shawarma (Doner meat) – £7.95

Creamy Chicken – £8.95
Cubed chicken cooked with onion in white wine cream sauce

Chicken shish kebab – £8.95
Chargrilled cubes of chicken

Lamb Kofte kebab – £8.95

Lamb shish Kebab – £9.95
Chargrilled cubes of lamb

Mixed Grille – £11.50
Chargrilled cubes of chicken, lamb, chicken wings, lamb kofte and Turkish sausage

Moussaka (V) – £7.95 (£2 extra with beef)
Aubergine baked with onion, tomato, cream & cheese

Pasta Bake (V) – £7.95 (£2 extra with chicken)
Penne pasta baked in creamy mushroom sauce, complete with melted mozzarella

All main courses served with Turkish rice or chips
Add pita bread to your order only 50p each


Plain Burger & chips

Chicken strips & chips

BBQ Chicken strips & chips

All £5.95


Turkish Rice

Onion rings



All £2.50

Soft drinks are available on request.
Available on our opening times, to make an order please call 01226 283263.
Delivery available after 5 pm with a minimum delivery order of £20.
Maximum delivery up to 5 miles.

If you suffer from any food allergies please ask a member of staff regarding ingredients before ordering.
Terms and conditions apply.