Available 12 – 6pm

Gammon Steak 8oz £8.50
With grilled pineapple.

Rump Steak 8oz £8.50
With roasted tomato & onion rings.

Sirloin Steak 10oz £12.50
With roasted tomato & onion rings.

Dana Rosto £7.50
Turkish meat loaf served on a creamy potato and rosemary & onion gravy.

Chicken & Pesto £7.50
Tomato & pesto char-grilled breast of chicken.

Grilled Chicken £8.50
Char-grilled breast of chicken with a white wine & mushroom sauce.

Baked Cod Loin (Add Prawns only £2 extra) £8.50
On a bed of creamy potato with lemon & butter, cream sauce.

Pasta a la crème (v) (Add chicken only £2 extra) £7.50
Pasta in a cream and mushroom sauce.

Omelette (v) (Add bacon £2 extra) £6.50
Cheese & mushroom omelette Served with chips & salad.

All served with chips & seasonal vegetables (Excluding pasta and omelette)


Cajun chicken wrap £7.50
Chicken strips wrapped in a tortilla with crispy salad & garlic mayonnaise.

BBQ Chicken & Bacon £7.50
BBQ chicken, Crispy Bacon & melted mozzarella on a ciabatta.

Hot Roast Chicken £7.50
Roasted chicken with mushroom & melted cheese.

Steak & Onion Sandwich £7.50
Char-grilled steak topped with caramelised onion.

Burger 6oz £7.50
Beef burger with crispy lettuce & chef’s tomato salsa.

All served with chips & salad.


Shepperd Salad (v) £6.50
Combination of diced tomato, onion, pepper, cucumber, and feta cheese served with crusty bread.

Halloumi (v) £7.50
Lightly grilled halloumi cheese on a bed of mixed leaves with home-made basil dressing.

Prawn & Marie rose £7.50
Crispy lettuce, cucumber, tomato dressed with Marie-rose sauce served with crusty bread.

Chicken Caesar £8.50
Crispy lettuce, bacon, chicken & croutons drizzled with a Caesar dressing & parmesan cheese.

If you are suffering from any food allergies, please tell member of staff.