Our main menu includes a delicious combination of classics from both Turkey and the UK. We use the freshest meat and fish, with seasonal vegetables sourced as locally as possible.

Please note all weights specified are prior to cooking. If you suffer from any food allergies please ask a member of staff regarding ingredients before ordering.



Meze Platter (v) £9.95
Selection of Humus, Cacik, Sak-suka, Olives, Vine leaves, Ezme & warm bread.

Olives & Bread £3.95

Meat Platter £10.95
Chicken & Lamb kebabs, Turkish sausage, Chicken wings with cacik dip.

1 – Cacik(jajik) (v) £4.50
Natural yogurt combined with cucumber, garlic & mint.

2 – Ezme (v) £4.50
Crushed spicy tomato salad. (Relish)

3 – Humus (v) £4.50
Chickpeas blended with tahini paste, garlic, and olive oil.

4 – Vine leaves (v) £4.50
Vine leaves stuffed with an herb infused rice.

5 – Sak-Suka (v) £4.50
Fried cubes of aubergine, courgette & sweet pepper topped fresh tomato sauce.

6 – Prawn Cocktail £5.50
Prawns with crispy salad & Marie rose sauce.


7 – Chef’s Soup of the day £4.50
Served with warm bread.

8 – Garlic Bread (v) £3.50
Add cheese only £1 extra.

9 – Sigara Borek (v) £4.95
Feta cheese & parsley filo pastry rolls.

10 – Mucver (v) £4.95
Grated & seasoned courgette fritters.

11 – Garlic Mushrooms (v) £4.95
Mushrooms smothered in a creamy garlic sauce. Served with warm bread.

12- Halloumi kebabs (v) £5.50
Lightly grilled Halloumi cheese & Mediterranean vegetable skewers.

13 – Sucuk (sujuk) £4.95
Grilled Turkish sausage served with yogurt & cucumber dip.

14 – Meatball £4.95
Beef meatballs in our chef’s homemade tomato sauce. Served with warm bread.

15 – Spicy Chicken Wings £4.95

16 – Avci Boregi £4.95
Ground beef & bulgur wheat enclosed in a filo pastry roll.

17 – Fish Cake £5.50
Chef’s own recipe fish cakes served with sweet chilli sauce.

18 – Gambas Pil-Pil £5.95
Large prawns cooked in chilli, garlic & olive oil.

Why not order a selection of our starters to enjoy as your main meal?


(Available All Day)
Please Note all our Turkish Flavours are served with Turkish Rice.

19 – Sultan Kebab £11.50
Finely diced chicken, pepper, onion, and peas parcel baked with a white sauce and cheese topping.

20 – Chicken Shish Kebab £11.50
Char-grilled cubes of chicken served with rice, salad.

21- Pasa Kebab £11.50
Cubes of beef cooked with onion, pepper, aubergine & tomato, over potato puree.

22 – Adana Kebab £11.50
Ground lamb combined with fresh pepper, parsley & chilli flakes, with rice, salad, bread & cacik.

23 – Lamb Shish Kebab £13.95
Char-grilled cubes of lamb, served with rice, salad.

24 – Lamb Chops £13.95
Char-Grilled lamb chops sprinkled with thyme, with rice, salad.

25 – Dana Rosto £9.95
Turkish meat loaf served on a creamy potato and rich tomato sauce.

26 – House Special £14.95 (For two) £26.95
Char-Grilled cubes of Lamb, chicken, Adana kebab, chicken wings & Turkish sausage, with rice, salad.

27 – Moussaka (v) (Add beef only £2 extra) £9.95
Baked aubergine with onion, tomato, cream & cheese sauce, served with rice & bread.

28 – Vegetable Kebab (v) £10.95
Char-grilled Mediterranean vegetables with rice & salad.

29 – Halloumi (v) £11.95
Grilled halloumi cheese with Mediterranean vegetables, served with rice & salad.

(Available All Day)
Please Note all our old favourites are served seasonal vegetable and potato.

30 – Prime Sirloin Steak 10oz £17.95

31 – Prime Fillet Steak 10oz £22.95
Steaks are served with roast tomato & onion rings.
All our steaks are matured for a minimum of 21 days.

32 – Lamb Shank £13.95
Slow cooked lamb shank served with creamy potato, rosemary & onion gravy.

33 – Chicken New Yorker £11.50
Chicken breast simmered in our Chef’s Jack Daniels & BBQ sauce, stacked with bacon & melted cheese.

34 – Chicken Roulade £11.50
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables rolled in chicken breast, Served with a white wine mushroom sauce.

35 – Cod Loin (Add prawns £2 extra) £10.95
Baked cod loin with Mediterranean vegetables finished with our chef’s roasted tomato & pepper sauce.

36 – Salmon £12.95
Salmon fillet cooked in a white wine cream sauce.

37 – Sea Bass £12.95
Pan fried sea bass fillets with roasted Mediterranean vegetables.

Side Orders £3.50 – Rice, Onion Rings, Chips, Cacik, Garlic Bread, Salad.


A range of desserts are available each day. Please ask a member of staff for details as these vary daily.