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Sun dried tomato & Olives, Ezme salad & Feta cheese.
Served with warm bread.


Selection of Humus, Cacik, Saksuka, Stuffed Vine Leaves, olives,Turkish Sausage & warm bread.
(Above dishes are suitable for two people)


1 – Chef’s Soup of The day £3.50

Served with warm bread.

2 – Garlic Bread (v) £3.50

£1 extra with cheese.

3 – Cacik (jajik,) (v) £4.50

Natural yogurt combined with cucumber, garlic & mint served with warm bread.

4 – Humus (v) £4.50

Chick peas blended with tahini paste, garlic, olive oil & lemon served with warm bread.

5 – Yaprak Sarma (v) £4.50

Vine leaves stuffed with a herb infused rice, served with a garlic yogurt dip. (Cold)

6 – Saksuka (shakshuka) (v) £4.50

Layers of fried potato, aubergine & cubed sweet pepper topped with a fresh tomato sauce.(Cold)

7 – Ezme (v) £4.50

Smokey aubergine puree combined with Turkish yogurt & garlic served with bread.

8 – Tomato & Feta Brochetta (v) £4.95
9 – Tabbouleh Salad (v) £5.50

Vine tomatoes, onion,wheat & herbs combined with a olive oil & lemon juice, finished with a crumbled feta

10 – Garlic Mushroom (v) £4.50

Mushrooms smothered in a creamy garlic sauce served with warm bread.

11 – Cheese Rolls (v) £4.50

Shallow fried Turkish cheese & parsley wrapped in filo pastry.

12 – Sucuk (sujuk) £4.95

Grilled Turkish sausage accompanied by yogurt & cucumber dip.

14 – Meatballs £4.95

Beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce & warm bread.

15 – Fish Cakes £5.50

Chef’s own recipe served with sweet chilli dressing.

16 – Mussels (Shell off) £5.50

Mussels simmered in a white wine & cream sauce with a hint of garlic.

17 – Kalamar Tava £5.50

Crispy squid rings served with a tartar sauce.

18 – Gambas pil-pil £5.95

Large prawns sizzling in chili,olive oil, & garlic served with warm bread.

19 – Scallops £6.95

Pan fried scallops in garlic, lemon & butter.

Why not order a selection of our starters to enjoy as your main meal.


Available all day
All Served With A Traditional Rice & Bread
20 – Menemen (v) £7.95

(Traditional dish from the Eagen)

Freshly chopped & sauted tomato,pepper,onion baked in the oven with free range egg.

21 – Moussaka (v) £8.95

Aubergine baked in an authentic dish with onion, tomato, cream & cheese.

22 – Char – grilled Halloumi (v) £10.95

Served with grilled Mediterranean vegetables, salad & rice.

23 – Beef Moussaka £10.95

Minced beef & aubergine baked in an authentic dish with onion, tomato, cream & cheese.

24 – Chicken Saute £10.95

Diced chicken sauteed with fresh onion, pepper,tomato,mushroom & a hint of garlic.

25 – Chicken Shish Kebab £11.50

Char-grilled cubes of chicken, onion, peppers & tomato, placed on a flat bread, served with yogurt dip.

26 – Lamb Saute £10.95

Slow cooked tender lamb sauteed with onion, pepper & tomato served in a clay dish.

27 – Ali Nazik £11.50

Tender sauteed lamb cubes with tomato served on a smokey aubergine & strained yogurt puree, served with rice.

28 – Shish Kebab £12.50

Char-grilled beef skewer with onion, tomato & pepper resting on flat bread, served with garlic yogurt dip.

29 – Lamb Chops £12.50

Char-grilled lamb chops flavored with Thyme, served with roast pepper, tomato & onion.

30 – Sea Food Casserole (Shell Off) £13.50

Scallops, large prawns, mussels & cod cooked in a house special tomato sauce, topped with melted cheese served in a clay dish.

31 – House Special £14.95

(For Two) £26.95

Char-grilled Cubes of chicken, beef, Turkish sausage & lamb chops layered on a flat bread with aromatic rice, salad and a garlic yogurt dip.


Available all day
32 – Char-grilled Prime Fillet Steak 10oz £21.95
33 – Char-grilled Sirloin Steak 12oz £16.95

Steaks are served with roasted tomato & onion rings.
(All steaks are matured for a minimum of 21 days)
£1 extra for sauce with steaks

34 – Braised Lamb Shank £12.50

Served on bed of creamy mash & Red wine, rosemary gravy.

35 – Parmaham Chicken £10.95

Supreme of chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella & mushroom, wrapped in Parmaham smothered with a creamy red wine & mushroom sauce.

36 – Hunters Chicken £11.50

Chicken breast simmered in a White wine & smoky BBQ sauce topped with crispy bacon & melted cheese.

37 – Salmon £11.50

Salmon fillet dressed in a lemon & parsley Hollandaise sauce.

38 – Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillet £12.50

Lightly seasoned sea bass fillet served with tomato & onion salsa.

All old favourites are served with home made chips and seasonal vegetables.


Please ask a member of staff for desserts of the day.


Available Mon – Sun 12 – 6
Sirloin Steak 8oz £8.95
Rump Steak 8oz £7.50

Steaks are served with roast tomato & onion rings.
£1 extra for sauce with steaks.

Gammon Steak 8oz £6.95

Served with fried egg & roast tomato.

Diane Chicken £6.95

Grilled breast of chicken dressed with Diane sauce.

Aromatic Cod £7.50

Cod fillet on a bed of creamy potato served with a roasted peppers and tomato sauce.

Pasta Bake (v) £5.95

Pasta baked in our chef’s tomato sauce & feta cheese, Served with garlic bread.

Above dishes served with home made chips & seasonal vegetables (excluding pasta dish)


Tabbouleh Salad (v) £5.50

Vine tomatoes, onion,wheat & herbs combined with a olive oil & lemon juice, finished with a crumbled feta.

Tuna & Sweet Corn Salad £5.95

Tuna combined with crispy lettuce, sweet corn, olives and boiled egg, drizzled with a french dressing.

Prawn Salad £5.95

Fresh prawns laid on a bed of lettuce, tomato & cucumber topped with seafood sauce.

Caesar Salad £6.95

Crispy lettuce, bacon, chicken & croutons drizzled with a Caesar dressing finished off with Parmesan shavings.

Posh Jacket £5.95

Baked potato, stuffed with chicken, chorizo & melted cheese
Served with salad.


Cheese Tomato & Basil melt £4.95
Spicy Cajun Chicken Wrap £5.95

Seasoned chicken strips laid in a tortilla wrap with crispy salad & mayonnaise.

Lamb Burger £5.95

Fresh minted lamb burger topped with crispy bacon.

Tuna & Cheese Melt £5.95

Tuna combined with mayonnaise & sweet corn.

Hunters Chicken Sandwich £6.50

Strips of chicken marinated in BBQ sauce topped with crispy bacon & melted mozzarella.

Pulled Lamb Wrap £6.95

Slow roasted lamb combined with sauteed onion drizzled with mint & garlic yogurt.

Steak & Onion Sandwich £6.95

Char grilled prime steak topped with fried onion & mayonnaise.

Sandwiches are served with home made chips & salad on a ciabatta


Cacik, Onion Rings, Chips, Rice, Garlic Bread.

Please note all weights specified are prior to cooking.
If you suffer from any food allergies please ask a member of staff regarding ingredients before ordering.