18 – Scallops

Pan fried scallops in garlic, lemon & butter.

17 – Gambas pil-pil

Large prawns sizzling in chili,olive oil, & garlic served with warm bread.

16 – Kalamar Tava

Crispy squid rings served with a tartar sauce.

15 – Mussels

Green mussels simmered in a white wine & tomato sauce.

14 – Fish Cakes

Chef’s own recipe served with sweet chilli dressing.

12 – Meatballs 

Beef meat balls in a rich tomato sauce & warm bread.

11 – Sucuk (sujuk)  

Grilled Turkish sausage accompanied by yogurt & cucumber dip.

10 – Cheese Rolls  (v)

Shallow fried Turkish cheese & parsley wrapped in filo pastry.

9 – Garlic Mushroom (v) 

Mushrooms smothered  in a creamy garlic sauce served with warm bread.

8 – Ezme  (v) 

Smokeyaubergine puree combined with Turkish yogurt & garlic served with bread