17. Forrest Estate Pinot Noir (C) £19.50 

(New Zealand) Fresh but full-bodied Pinot Noir. Originally may be impressions of black cherries but these are combined with lots of ripe raspberry fruit lasting all the way through.

16. Navardia Rioja, Bodegas Bagordi (D) £16.95 

(Spain) Dark, rich and spicy damson fruit with vanilla coming from its time in oak barrels. This is produced organically.

15. Lyngrove Cabernet Sauvignon (D) £15.50 

(South Africa) Classic blackcurrant, mint and cedar to the fore with a long velvety finish. This is results in a delicious presentation of black fruits.

14. Casa Bordino (C) £14.95

Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo (Italy) Ripe plum and black cherry fruit in abundance so the wine is immediately soft and rounded and ready to drink.

13. The Gavel Shiraz (C) £13.95 

(Australia) Single varietal Australian Shiraz  offering all the right elements- ripe, spicy fruit and a velvety feel in the mouth.

12. Los Pastos Merlot (B) £13.50

(Chile) Soft with succulent berry and damson flavours and a pleasing hint of cinnamon spice.